Business Owners Package

Business Owners Policies

As a business owner, protecting your company against loss can be complicated. Luckily, protecting your business against basic liability and property damage risks can be a bit simpler. Both forms of coverage can be combined into a comprehensive business owners policy (BOP) designed to protect business owners from the perils of everyday operations.

  • Liability Protection

Liability lawsuits and claims are all too common. Should you or one of your employees be deemed responsible for bodily injury caused to another person, or for damage caused to his or her property, the damages for which you’d be responsible could be significant. BOPs include liability protections that safeguard you against claims that could otherwise leave your business struggling to survive.

  • Property Protection

BOPs also include protection for your commercial property—including the building in which your business operates and your equipment, furniture, electronics and tools.

  • Business Interruption Protection

Consider the financial loss that could result from business downtime. If property loss results in your business’s inability to operate, BOPs can compensate for the loss of income while your day-to-day operations are disrupted. Business interruption protection may also provide support if your company must operate from a temporary alternative location.


Just as insurance provides protection for businesses, bonds provide protection for consumers and project stakeholders. However, businesses also reap the rewards of bonds, as properly bonded businesses tend to have a reputation as being trustworthy and reliable, and are often favored by consumers. There are two main types of bonds for businesses:

  • Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds ensure that the bond-holding business adheres to the state and federal regulations that protect consumers. After all, just because these regulations exist doesn’t mean businesses will operate in an ethical way or within the guidelines of the laws. Commercial bonds are generally specific to an industry or occupation, and help promote ethical business practices.

  • Contract Bonds

Like commercial bonds, contract bonds serve as promises to act ethically. However, contract bonds apply only to contractors and help ensure that contractors fulfill their contractual obligations to stakeholders.

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