At Bebis Insurance Services, Inc., we recognize that a home is much more than a roof, walls and windows; it’s a manifestation of all your hard work. It is your memories, treasured belongings and hopes for the future. We also realize that your home may very well be the greatest investment you ever make. Our agency is dedicated to helping you protect your investment—and your future—with the insurance protection you need.

Primary and Secondary Homeowners Insurance

Standard homeowners policies include dwelling coverage and generally protect against loss due to fire, wind, lightning, theft and vandalism. They also protect the structure of your home, your furniture, fixtures and belongings. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a secondary or vacation home, you’ll likely need an additional policy to cover that property. Secondary homes carry a slightly different set of risks than primary residences, so ensure you have the coverage you need for both your homes.

Valuable Items and Builders Risk Coverage

Homeowners policies have limits. Consider adding supplementary valuable items coverage to protect your jewelry, artwork or other items whose value may exceed the limits of your homeowners policy. Additionally, remember that if you are renovating your primary or secondary home, the risks involved go beyond what’s covered under your homeowners policy. Stay protected with builders risk coverage while you make home improvements. Likewise, your homeowners policy will not reimburse for flood damage. See our flood insurance page for more details.

Apartments and Condominiums

The place you call home isn’t always a house. For those who rent an apartment or own a condo, there are specific policies to protect you and your personal property. Renters insurance reimburses you for lost possessions, including electronics, clothing and furniture. Condo insurance covers the same items, but also covers the interior structure of your unit.

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment on Beacon Street or spend summers at your vacation home in Chatham, BBebis Insurance Services, Inc. can help you find the coverage you need. Remember that your homeowners or renters insurance can be bundled with your auto insurance for complete protection with the lowest possible premiums. Contact our office at 508-947-5800 or fill out the contact form on this page for more information.