Workers Compensation

Because you’ve worked hard to make your business a success, protecting it with liability insurance is critical. However, liability coverage will not protect you against negligence claims filed by injured workers. Likewise, ensuring your workers receive proper compensation and care when hurt on the job is a critical part of maintaining a happy, healthy workforce. Workers’ compensation insurance protects both employers and employees against workplace exposures.

Protection for Everyone

In Massachusetts, employers are required to obtain worker’s compensation insurance. It not only covers the cost of medical treatment for injured employees, but also provides temporary and permanent disability and vocational rehabilitation benefits. Workers’ compensation was designed to protect employees.

However, workers’ compensation insurance was also created to protect employers. Without it, employers would constantly be at risk of bankruptcy from lawsuits brought by injured workers, and high-risk businesses would be unable to operate due to the possibility of an on-the-job injury or death. Workers’ compensation insurance largely offsets the need for costly lawsuits, providing workers the care they need and protecting the future of your business.

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