Keep in mind that you can’t buy insurance after you have an accident. Carefully considering the position you may be in, if you should ever be in an accident, is important.

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Sometimes enjoying the ride comes down to who&#8217;s<br/>behind you

Sometimes enjoying the ride comes down to who’s
behind you

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, you get what you pay for. We offer competitive prices. But when it comes to the “get” part, we give you more than just coverage. We give you broad protection you can count on no matter where the road takes you.

Value in Lakeville, MA

Value in Lakeville, MA

Service and savings merge in Massachusetts!

They say real value is hard to find these days. We say look no
further. We offer you products and prices that can be configured
to meet your needs. So you’re purchasing the coverage you need
from a company that will be there when you need it.

  • Great discounts and pricing features
  • Deductibles and discounts for every budget. Don’t we all appreciate a little flexibility?
  • Savings when you insure more than one car
  • Up to a 10 percent discount when you combine auto and home.
  • Up to 15 percent discount if you add a boat. Saving you anywhere from mega moolah to mega, mega moolah
  • One-stop shopping for a wide spectrum of products that
    include not only auto, but also home, boat, Identity Fraud
    Protection, umbrella, rental property and even wedding.
Covered: High Performance Protection in Massachusetts

Covered: High Performance Protection in Massachusetts

We cover you with a great product at a great price with a commitment to help get you back on the road fast. It sets us apart from the competition in MA, right from the start.

  • A wide variety of coverage, limit and deductible choices. Because everyone’s different
  • Repair or replacement collision coverage option – if your car is totaled, we’ll pay to repair or replace it with a new car of like kind, whichever is less.
  • Auto loan and lease protection option to close the loan/lease gap. We offer you protection to cover your lease or loan. After all, being in an accident is stressful enough!

Auto insurance: required protection in Massachusetts

Insurance protects you and your assets in case of loss, injury or damage; either caused by you, or by someone else. Auto insurance usually consists of the following protections:

Liability Coverage

Insurance coverage that helps to cover the financial responsibility if you or a family member are at fault in an automobile accident that results in bodily injury or property damage.

Collision Coverage

Actual cash value coverage that helps to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged in a collision, regardless of who is at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage that helps to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident (other than a collision) or is stolen. Examples of comprehensive coverage include fire, vandalism and falling objects.

Additional protection may include:

Medical Payments

Coverage that helps to pay for medical expenses for you or your passengers if injured in an automobile accident.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Insurance coverage for basic tasks such as towing, unlocking your car, etc. that can get you back out on the road if you are stranded.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

Uninsured Motorist Protection - helps you to pay for your injuries or damages to your vehicle caused by a driver that does not have insurance coverage.

Underinsured Motorist Protection

Protection in the event that you are involved in an automobile accident with someone that does not have sufficient insurance of their own.

Easy to Use: Smooth Road Ahead

Easy to Use: Smooth Road Ahead

Whether you’re a computer person, a phone person or an in-person person, we make it easy to pay, check claims and get answers.

  • Over 60 ConciergeCLAIM® locations for one-stop auto repair. We’ll have you out so fast, you might just confuse it with a car wash!
  • Convenient payment plans. You choose how and when you want to pay. Talk about self-empowerment!
  • We offer a wide range of services, from claim updates to tips for staying safe. Go online and get an answer faster than you can say “answer”
  • Support from your local independent agent. If you prefer to talk to an expert, no problem. We’ve got that covered too!
Experienced and Reliable: The road well traveled

Experienced and Reliable: The road well traveled

For 160 years, we’ve been in the customer-satisfaction business. Choose Bebis, and you get trained professionals – from independent agents to claims professionals to customer service representatives – all standing behind you.

  • 24/7 claim service. Because things don’t just go wrong between 9 and 5.
  • Prompt, accurate inspections, in most cases within 48 hours
  • Best-in-class claim handling. Nine out of ten people who file a claim with us recommend us.* We’ll take that!
  • Financially stable. Here for you. And your dad. And his dad before him!
Safe Driving Brochure

Safe Driving Brochure

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