The last thing you need is another run-in with the insurance industry. Here at Bebis Insurance Services, we understand that you have far more important things to deal with such as your family, your home, and your financial future.

Bebis Insurance Services helps individuals, families and business professionals achieve peace of mind through customized insurance plans by providing personalized services backed by experience and knowledge.

We have earned a reputation for being honest with our customers, as well as providing tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. You can depend upon us for all of your policy needs because we are dedicated to our customers and their families throughout the years.

What is Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance is an exciting new way for you to protect what matters most, by protecting your income, family, and lifestyle. It's simple, affordable, and can give you the financial certainty to put life back on track in case of unexpected events.

This type of insurance provides financial security in case of a serious illness or injury, loss of the ability to earn, permanent or total disability, and even death.

With the right personal insurance, you can maintain your family's way of living with financial support that covers everyday expenses and any outstanding debt.

Understanding the Different Types of Personal Insurance Policies

Life, health, and property insurance policies are the basic necessities that you should acquire to ensure security for yourself and your family. These plans will help eliminate financial risks such as loss of income, medical costs due to a sickness or injury, and damages to your house or vehicle.

A basic personal insurance package from Bebis Insurance Services in MA can include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

These personal insurance policies can be sold separately or grouped into one package depending on your needs or the risks you face.

Compare Your Personal Insurance Options & Get Quotes Quickly

Bebis Insurance Services in Lakeville, MA is dedicated to providing you with personal insurance options that keep you from worrying about financial setbacks. Our expert agents help you choose the most suitable insurance plans for your needs and make it easy for you to obtain quotes for your desired policies.

With Bebis Insurance Services we make this process easy and simple with a hassle-free online application. Simply fill out our online application in less than 5 minutes and get prices from some of the top-rated MA insurance companies.

Home Insurance FAQs

When should I think about adding to my homeowner's insurance coverage?

The answer is simple: when you think you're in a high-risk zone. Of course, many things can be categorized as high risk. Here are a few of the most common indicators:

  • You live in an area prone to violent storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • You live in areas prone to flooding.
  • You live in areas vulnerable to earthquakes.
  • You own several expensive items in your home, such as computers and jewelry.

If any of these apply to you, it may be wise to consider finding ways to protect yourself further. The last thing you want is to lose everything you've worked so hard for because you were unprepared for the risk that occurred.

What does basic homeowners insurance not cover?

Here are some things that the typical homeowner's policy does not cover:

  • Artwork and other collectibles Jewelry (even if it's kept in a bank safe deposit box)
  • Identity theft
  • Floods and earthquakes, damage from mudslides, landslides, avalanches, sinkholes, and volcanic eruptions

For that reason, it's important to check what your policy covers and to consider purchasing additional coverage. In general, the more you're willing to invest in your home and the more you have to lose if something goes wrong, the more comprehensive your coverage needs to be.

Who needs to insure their homes?

Home insurance is not a requirement by law. However, if you have a mortgage instead of paying for your home in full, the lender has the legal right to make sure you have insurance to cover the amount of your mortgage.

But even if you don't have a mortgage on your home, consider taking out insurance if it's valuable property.

Auto Insurance FAQs

What are the rules of auto insurance?

You must have car insurance as a driver in almost all states. A mandatory minimum, the car insurance protects you, your passengers, and the people you may injure with your vehicle if you get in an accident. If you don't have auto insurance, you could be fined and/or jailed, so check with your state's DMV for specific rules.

What are the 3 parts of an auto insurance policy?

When you get an auto insurance policy, you have many different options to choose from. The most basic of auto insurance policies consist of coverages for:

  • Liability insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance

Drivers can add policies like uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal protection insurance but they are not available in all states.

What can car insurance protect you from?

The main purpose of car insurance is to protect you against financial loss if an auto accident occurs. Coverage may include protection against the cost of damage to or theft of your car, medical payments to others and family members, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and more.

Make sure to check in with your insurance provider to know exactly what your policy covers.

Life Insurance FAQs

What is the average payout for life insurance?

The average life insurance payout is $618,000. However, this amount can vary widely depending on your age, gender, occupation, lifestyle, health, and many other factors. By using a payout calculator or a reliable financial advisor like Bebis Insurance Services, you can easily see how much your life insurance plan may be worth when it comes time to settle it.

What happens if the owner of a life insurance policy dies before the insured?

If the policy owner dies before the insured, the policy remains in force (because the life insured is still alive) unless a contingent owner is properly named to take over the policy. If no contingent owner is named, the policy becomes property of the deceased

Do you need life insurance if you have a 401(k)?

It's easy to overlook life insurance when you have a retirement plan, like a 401(k). But if your spouse and kids are dependent on your income, they'll need a life insurance benefit once you're gone. Even if your spouse can work, providing for dependents' daily expenses is no small task. A policy can ensure they're financially secure while easing their stress as they navigate this difficult time. Our life insurance advisors can discuss your options with you and make sure you've got the protection you need.